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Concord Casino relocation plan floated in New Hampshire


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Dec 16, 2021
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In the eastern American state of New Hampshire and the owner of the charitable Concord Casino has reportedly proposed moving the operation to a new site so as to be able to create more jobs and bring in additional tax revenues.

According to a Thursday report from the Concord Monitor newspaper, the official pitch from local businessman Andy Sanborn (pictured) calls for the small gambling establishment to be relocated to a purpose-built 24,000 sq ft building situated roughly five miles from its current site. The former New Hampshire State Senator purportedly also detailed that this fresh venue would then be able to accommodate a 634-seat gaming floor, an 8,500 sq ft restaurant and a brew pub capable of hosting some 150 diners.

Exemplary intentions:

Sanborn reportedly explained that he wants to move the Concord Casino to a new site in order to create a fresh gateway enterprise for the capital citys east side and begin handing over even more cash to local charities. New Hampshire law purportedly mandates that all gambling-friendly establishments donate at least 35% of their gross revenues to designated charities every ten days.

Reportedly read a statement from Sanborn

The way that New Hampshire has established the ability to help us raise money for charitable causes is really, really cool and we are just getting great satisfaction out of doing it. We are traditional New Hampshire Yankee people who love everything about New Hampshire and we want to pay homage to who we are as a people and this is a way to aesthetically celebrate that.

Alluring advantages:

On top of this and Sanborn reportedly disclosed that the new-look Concord Casino would additionally look to employ around 250 people and double its retinue of benefiting local charities to 72 encompassing a range of veteran service organizations, sports clubs, domestic violence enterprises, homeless assistance groups and animal shelters. The past Republican legislator purportedly went on to claim that such an enterprise could eventually feature a hotel and events center with the expressed intent of attracting even more visitors to the east side of the city of about 44,000 people.

Sanborns statement reportedly read

We are still looking for charities to be involved in this and we have open slots for non-profits. This will take pressure off municipal and city budgets and allow us to continue to help the community and thats an important aspect as people wont have to go to their local government body for a handout as much because this will truly provide services.

Lucrative likelihood:

Nicholas Golon from project designers at TFMoran reportedly told the newspaper that the realization of a new casino for Concord could ultimately see local charities together receive upwards of a five-figure yearly sum. The figure purportedly asserted that such a state of affairs would yield a total charitable value in the tens of millions of dollars and see Concord Casino become the largest fundraiser for local charitable organizations in the county.

Golon reportedly stated

You have to look at the city of Concord, the people of Concord and the state of New Hampshire and what they are getting out of this. This seems like the right location for this type of use.